How do you factor Social Security Retirement when dividing the marital estate?


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Social Security benefits are not something that is considered community property and can not be subject to division upon divorce.   So why mention Social Security benefits during your divorce?

Many clients receive their a pension from a school or government municipality that does ALSO allow them the right to seek social security.  Upon divorce many family lawyers simply agree to have their clients’ retirements divided WITHOUT reviewing the social security benefits that the other spouse receives.

A Just and Fair division does not always mean a 50-50 division of marital assets.  Make sure to request that the mediator or consider your spouse’s social security retirement award when dividing the marital estate.

At the Law Office of Matt Sossi we calculate your annuity retirements over your projected life time and then compare them with the social security benefits your spouse is projected to receive.  Comparing the two retirement plans gives you the best option of walking out of your divorce with the fairest and most equitable award for your divorce.

Divorce does not have to impact you long term provided that you have the right representation.



Kids First Parents Second – London Project


Kids First Parents Second is looking to create a Kids First Parents Second magazine for the U.K. in 2016.


1.    The basic message of Kids First Parents Second is given greater weight by parents when local experts express their views and opinions on ways to minimize conflict during the divorce process.

2.    The magazine helps promote our “Kids First Day”  an event our nonprofit is  developing for parents and kids in the U.S. and in the U.K..

3.   In Kids First Parents Second’s short existence, the professional community in the U.K. has seen eye to eye on our vision to create resources for the entire divorcing family.

We want to see this magazine in print and disbursed throughout London (For starters).  To accomplish our mission, we are going to need advertisers and sponsors to achieve this goal.

Matt Sossi

Executive Director Kids First Parents Second

Kids First Parents Second Magazine is coming to San Antonio!

I am so proud to have a local bar that shares Kids First Parents Second vision to help parents minimize conflict during the divorce process.  While we are building our magazine, enjoy the work experts have shared with us in both the U.S. and U.K.  Simply put, Kids First Parents Second is becoming THE RESOURCE to help divorcing families.

If conflict is hurting your child, why are you engaged in it?

So is it worth it?  Is wanting to fight that important to you?  Is conflict beneficial to your health, your children’s health and long term happiness?

Don’t get caught regretting your decisions that you made during the divorce process.  Stop and think.  How will your actions affect your family?  Remember you can not only litigate, you can mediate and also collaborate.  Find ways to protect your family from harm.

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Did you spend more time …..

Designing your wedding cake than planning your divorce?  Think about that for a minute.  As a consumer you would ALWAYS WANT TO BE INFORMED about the product you are buying.  If you were buying a wedding cake you would spend hours talking about the cakes color, texture and layers.  You would want to talk about the size of the cake because you would need to make sure there were enough servings for your guests.  You would want to make sure that the cake matched the theme of your wedding celebration.  The questions could go on and on.

Parents walking to divorce attorneys office are not informed consumers.  They do not understand their choices as it relates to litigation, mediation or collaboration.  They do not understand how their choices will impact their children NOR do they understand how their divorce will impact their life in the short and long term.

Kids First Parents Second’s Transitions magazine is designed as a resource to help parents understand their choices PRIOR to engaging in the divorce process.  To view our magazine please click the image below and enjoy.