Twenty One years of litigating contested family cases made me think that we needed a different approach to resolve the conflict caused by divorce.   In November of 2012 I published my book “So Your an Apple and You Married an Orange” an introduction to cooperative parenting.  After that time I created a digital magazine to help parents understand the effects that divorce has on kids. My wife Becky approached me and said what are you doing to help kids?

I delved deeper into the subject we were amazed that there was almost no resources to help kids cope with their parents divorce.  Amazed we began to write a kids book – incorporating the apple and orange theme into the story.   We also knew at that time that we needed to do more than just write books.

We created KidsFirstParentsSecond.Org to promote the site and sell both our parent and children books.  We knew it was time to create a Kidsworkshop to have children interact and share their thoughts and feelings.  We found that 3:00 a.m. was a great time to wake up and write down new thoughts for the site. One thing has inspired the creation of another.  We hope that our  help sheets, courage badges, and books will help kids of divorce.

In visiting our site, have your kids print out our certificates and place them on a refrigerator or in their rooms.  We want parents’ and kids alike to know the importance that kids need to be a priority during and after the divorce process.

KidsFirstParentsSecond.Org is scheduled for launch 6-1-14.  It is anticipated that both our first set of parent and children’s books will be ready for sale at this time.

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