Taking the Apps Away:

“From the Principle’s office:  Dear Student’s.  We’ve heard that you’ve all been using your cell phones to bully and harass one another.  This will no longer be tolerated.  Until further notice this zone is a social media free zone.  We have installed a geo fence on our campus. So say goodbye to snapchat, instagram, and facebook.  When you can function together as a healthy student body, a community,  I will take the fence down and you can go back to your normal lives. “

Students reaction:

That is so unfair, its not our fault that some of the kids in our school don’t know how to behave.  I need to use my smart phone.  Why should I have to suffer because some kids are acting bad?

Maybe that’ll make students turn on another and rat out the bully’s.  Maybe that’ll make the bully’s use other means by which to carry out their acts.

Teenagers are fun when you present them with different scenarios.  If you present them with extreme situations they tend to react and then start to think.   Perhaps that is where we start to address the bullying problem.  These kids are extremely smart and are capable of working through the process.  Adults need to interact with them and not treat them as an inmate in some correctional institution.

Teaching kids how to interact is KEY.

If you go on line and look at government statistics, many policies simply don’t work to stop bullying.  Remember the three strike rule?  Not effective.  The teenagers live in their community and have to learn HOW to interact in that community.



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