Welcoming Remarks – Sen. Carlos Uresti


Welcome to San Antonio’s Magazine for Separating and Divorcing Families 

Introductions by

State Senator Carlos I. Uresti

As a state senator and attorney with 24 years of experience practicing family law, I look for ways to improve the family law system to maximize the best interests of the child being affected. This guiding principal has led me to push for greater judicial discretion when signing off on mediated settlement agreements and to require a court to look at the full household dynamic before deciding custody.
Separating from a partner and arranging shared custody can be challenging, and the legal expertise needed to navigate complex laws can be expensive.   Fortunately, the State of Texas has several resources available to help clarify what to expect and how to find help.

Individuals who are searching for the legal representation to suit their particular needs should contact the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Information Service by calling 1-800-252-9690 or visit http://www.texasbar.com.

The Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas created an organization called Family Law Cares to help families who are not able to use the standardized divorce forms. Individuals who believe they may qualify for pro bono legal services should go to www.texaslawhelp.org/find-legal-help.

As a general rule of thumb, mediation is less costly both in time and money than litigation.  While all disputes cannot and should not be mediated, maintaining civil discourse with your partner even as you begin the process of dissolving your legal relationship is paramount.



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