Connecting through Baseball

The smack of the cracked wooden bat, the roar of the crowd and the smell of popcorn in the stands. For many kids a baseball park is a church, a sanctuary.   For parents, a baseball park can create memories to treasure and can build bonds that last well into adulthood.

For the young kids they look forward to seeing the mascots dance to fun lively music.  For the older kids they look to playing beyond outfield wall playing catch with their moms, dad.  Pre-teens and teens learn how to work the score sheet and learn techniques to help their own game when they come home.

As a kid,  this is where you learned about the balls and strikes and how many outs in an inning.  You learned how runners stole bases, baseball players held their bats and chewed bubble gum.

Baseball was where you found who your first heroes were and cheered them on to do their best.  This is where you saw what it was like to fight for something you wanted.  This is where you saw how your team handled victory and bitter defeat.

The baseball stadium becomes a second home to you, drawing you back in when the next season starts, and the next and the next.  You follow your team online or in the paper.  For San Antonio you root for those players who you think might make it to the big league and you follow them after they make it to the major league.

You find that baseball is a bond that you will have with your kids when times get bad and there is nothing else to talk about.  You find that baseball seems to bridge the gap with your kids when it seems to be moving apart.  You find that baseball has helped you teach your kids how to face challenges and move forward.

Take your kid to the game.  Life isn’t fun for you during the divorce, know that he or she feels the same way.  Give them a sanctuary, give them a second home and help create a bond that they know that you and they have the love of baseball.

We are promoting Kids First Outings at the San Antonio Missions in July, we will have more information as it comes out!  Matt Sossi Executive Director Kids First Parents Second






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