How do you factor Social Security Retirement when dividing the marital estate?


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Social Security benefits are not something that is considered community property and can not be subject to division upon divorce.   So why mention Social Security benefits during your divorce?

Many clients receive their a pension from a school or government municipality that does ALSO allow them the right to seek social security.  Upon divorce many family lawyers simply agree to have their clients’ retirements divided WITHOUT reviewing the social security benefits that the other spouse receives.

A Just and Fair division does not always mean a 50-50 division of marital assets.  Make sure to request that the mediator or consider your spouse’s social security retirement award when dividing the marital estate.

At the Law Office of Matt Sossi we calculate your annuity retirements over your projected life time and then compare them with the social security benefits your spouse is projected to receive.  Comparing the two retirement plans gives you the best option of walking out of your divorce with the fairest and most equitable award for your divorce.

Divorce does not have to impact you long term provided that you have the right representation.



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