Did you spend more time …..

Designing your wedding cake than planning your divorce?  Think about that for a minute.  As a consumer you would ALWAYS WANT TO BE INFORMED about the product you are buying.  If you were buying a wedding cake you would spend hours talking about the cakes color, texture and layers.  You would want to talk about the size of the cake because you would need to make sure there were enough servings for your guests.  You would want to make sure that the cake matched the theme of your wedding celebration.  The questions could go on and on.

Parents walking to divorce attorneys office are not informed consumers.  They do not understand their choices as it relates to litigation, mediation or collaboration.  They do not understand how their choices will impact their children NOR do they understand how their divorce will impact their life in the short and long term.

Kids First Parents Second’s Transitions magazine is designed as a resource to help parents understand their choices PRIOR to engaging in the divorce process.  To view our magazine please click the image below and enjoy.


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