Transition Magazine – Lets Go!

“Your never going to grow if you don’t go outside your comfort level.”  We took this saying to heart when Kids First Parents Second went and started developing a digital magazine to help parents transition through the divorce process.

Why call the magazine  “Transition?”  One basic reason, resiliency.  A person who is able to transition is able to be resilient and adapt to life’s changes.  We want divorcing families to be resilient.  We want parents to learn more effective ways of communicating with one another.  We want children to have RESOURCES to help them cope with the divorce.

When we created the magazine we did not want to be limited to just helping families of divorce.  “Transitions” will be a resource to help people become resilient in the face of great challenges.

We weren’t shy in asking professionals for help.  We have writers from Seattle, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Miami, Houston and Dallas.  We have writers from both the U.S. and the U.K..

There’s so much more to do.  If a magazine can affect change than lets go and start.  Thank you for reading and we hope you’ll be excited as we are about where this is headed.


Matt Sossi

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