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Understanding your choice:  A Better Divorce

One of the nicest part of being involved in a nonprofit is having members who provide suggestions and direction.   Mark Unger approached our organization a few months ago with the idea of creating an online parenting course to help educate parents on the effect of divorce.     An online parenting class.  Why, I thought?  What would be the benefit of something like that?  The internet seemed full of different options with different classes.   It seemed an impossible if improbable task to complete.

Bring on our Different Path Seminar in the fall of 2015.  David Bowles asked “How are you going to get your mission across to family lawyers?”  That question bothered me and I started thinking…. “How were we going to get our message to divorcing parents?”  More importantly how do parents new to the divorce process know the differences between collaborative practice and civil litigation?

Attorneys have a skill set just like doctors.  In the case of doctors, most people know that you go to a general practitioner if you need help with a wellness issue and that you go to a surgeon if you need to be operated on.  Potential clients understand that lawyers are broken into classes based upon their skills in particular areas of the law whether it be family law, criminal law, personal injury etc.  Potential clients are not well educated that family law attorneys, for example, can resolve disputes through civil litigation, collaborative or team based approaches.

Most parents do not need to have their divorce resolved through a family law court.  High conflict cases fit into a small percentage of divorce cases.   Collaborative or team based approaches would actually offer the divorcing parent the best opportunity to needed resources that would act to help minimize conflict during and after the divorce.

An online parenting course appears to be an excellent opportunity to help divorcing parents understand their options.  Understanding your Choice for a Better divorce educates parents on two basic concepts:  1.  that they have a choice over how they manage and resolve their dispute, 2.  that their conflict hurts their children in the short and long term.  Parents learn 1. how to tell your child you are getting a divorce, 2. the Pros and cons of Collaborative, civil litigation and interdisciplinary approaches and 3.  How conflict effects children.

The Understanding your choice:  A Better Divorce Course is the first parenting course that educates parents on the choices they have to help them resolve their divorce.   The course offers direction to parents to move away from needless conflict for the sake of their children.   The Understanding your choice:  A Better Divorce course should be considered as a road map for parents as they start to journey through the divorce process.

The classes will be available on   Our lectures will be provided through a mix of PDF, Power Point, Video and You Tube presentations.    Kids First Parents Second has received and sought the help of various experts across the country in preparing the instructional content of our lectures, all who share our nonprofits mission common goal to reduce the unnecessary conflict caused by divorce.

A trip to the courthouse may be inevitable, but it is our belief that it should rarely be the first step that parents should make before they resolve their differences.   It is our belief that the Understanding your choice:  A Better Divorce Course will help parents everywhere understand the benefits that are available to them through the collaborative or team based approaches.    The Understanding your choice:  A Better Divorce online class will be available in 2016 on


Kids First Parents Second will offer a presentation describing the basics of the Understanding your choice:  A Better Divorce Course at the San Antonio Area Foundation located at the Pearl Brewery.  The event has been set for February 26th, 2016 and will be held between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.  This event will include a presentation by Dr. Dina Trevino on the “50-50 options” available to parents based on the age range and particular needs of children of divorce.    The presentation will be offered to Kids First Parents Second members only.  For information about how to become a member send your request to

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