A Different Type of Nonprofit

Part of any nonprofits mission is to request grants and donations to help build their organization.  At Kids First Parents Second, we thought we’d do things differently and immediately give something back to those families who provide something to us.

Kids First Parents Second, in connection with Google, now has a national platform to deliver its mission to help families affected by divorce.   Through Google’s generous grant, we are able to promote our online course entitled “Understanding your choice:  A Better Divorce”  Parents now have easy access to material that will fundamentally change HOW they are going to be divorced.   This is a national resource for all divorcing parents.  Every divorcing parent needs to know their choices in how their divorce is handled.


online course link

In addition to the online course, KFPS continues to provide materials to help children affected by divorce process.  Our second ad campaign allows us to promote materials to help kids affected by divorce.

link to kfps website

So lets get our resources in the hands of kids and lets stop, think and listen.  Lets work together and problem solve our way through this difficult time.   KFPS is here for you!

Matt Sossi

Executive Director

Kids First Parents Second

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