The next hurdle – reading your order

You find yourself presented with a thirty to fifty page order and are asked to immediately read and understand it. It’s at this point where you find yourself overwhelmed. Many of the terms are new to you and your not in the best frame of mind to interpreting what you are reading. Are the terms in my order normal? What is my ex up to? These are many of the questions parents have when they read their divorce decree. This course is intended to provide you with what is typically included in a parenting plan. This course will guide you through the substantive terms that are included in standard orders that are recognized by family law courts. As the language in your order can vary from the standard norm this course should not be interpreted as a substitute to reading your order. This course should also not be interpreted to be providing you with legal advice. We ask you to READ YOUR ORDER and ask your attorney about any questions you may have before you SIGN your Final Decree of Divorce.

If you have children of the marriage, your divorce decree will typically consist of 1. An Order that grants your divorce, 2. A parenting plan that addresses rights, duties and obligations of each parent, 3. Division assets and debts.


The Parenting Plan included in your decree will include 1. Rights and duties of each parent, 2. Terms for Possession and Access to the child, 3. Child support and medical support. Most of the terms in the parenting plan will be according to standard language that lawyer’s use in their normal course of practice.

The standard language in a parenting plan is often met initially with skepticism and paranoia. Many parents engage in conflict over parenting plans without a full understanding of what is typically included in the the document.

Education is the key. Your child’s other parent did not create the standard language in a parenting plan.

The key is understanding if there is a need to modify the standard language provided for in the parenting plan. That is what your attorney is for, to help you create the best parenting plan for yourself and your children.


With that lets get started on Our Course to Help you Understand a Texas Parenting Plan.

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