Learn to share info and talk less..


divorcekidsYou find it impossible to talk to your ex.  How do you address medical or educational needs that affect your kids?  How do you tell your ex that your child left their homework at school, etc.? How do you contact your child WITHOUT having to worry how your ex is going to react? Common sense goes along way sometimes.  So more sharing, less talking.

The following are some great resources we’ve come across which help you share information WITHOUT having to communicate your child’s other parent. 

sharing5“Family Wizard”

The Family Wizard software program provides an effective manner and means by which you can communicate with someone you chose to divorce.   Family Wizard works similarly to some of the functions you may already know that are contained in Microsoft Office.

You and your ex simply open an account, share information and communicate through a Family Wizard portal on all matters concerning your child.  Family Wizard will help you post important events on your joint calendar as to sporting events or medical appointments for your child.   Your ex is notified of your entries and is able to log on without the need for further interaction.  Family Wizard is not free but is a service that is provided at relatively low cost.   Make sure when you create your account that you also receive The Family Wizard app that is available for smart phones.

Microsoft One Note

sharing8Microsoft One Note allows for people to work on a project together regardless of their location.   One such project that can be worked on with Microsoft one note would be a child’s homework assignment.  One obvious benefit to having Microsoft one at both parent’s homes is that the party in possession of the child may be busy with other duties and need help in assisting this particular child with their homework project.  The other benefit is that it allows a parent the ability to interact with their child when it is not otherwise their respective periods of possession. 

Xbox One/Skype/SkyDrive

xbox liveXbox one delivers the perfect forum from which you can communicate with your child via Skype when they are away from your home.  With the new gaming consul, Microsoft is allowing you the capability of playing with your child on-line while skyping with him at the same time.  The Kinect vision feature of Xbox one consul also allows you to follow a moving child as they move across the room while they are talking.

You can also install the SkyDrive App on your Xbox which will allow you to share photos and music with your children.  SkyDrive allows you to share documents from one house to another which is helpful in situations when your child forgets to bring their homework\project to your house for the weekend.   The Xbox one, intentionally or not, has created a perfect forum for you to interact with your children when they are away from home.

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