Stop Posturing, Start educating!

children“Every child is affected by divorce.  Every single one. Every child will have short term and long term affects after their parents divorce. Parents should stop getting divorced and start learning how to get along with one another.”

Well that’s just WRONG!
myths vs. facts

We know that not all children are negatively affected by divorce. That fact is a good thing, its assuring.  Getting to the facts is the best way for you to actually help your child.






When you don’t see your child, well that hurts.



dad talking about mom

When you say mean things about their other parent. What do you think that says about themselves?



imagesPutting your children in the middle.  How does your child benefit from this type of conflict?




All these children want

kids want
Is that you focus on their needs when you are with them. That you treat each other with respect and not fight in front of them.  Kids just need love and assurance. Kids need to know that they can love each of their parents.

So while divorce doesn’t hurt these kids, your conflict with your child’s other parent is.  Your conflict is going to be the only thing that is going to cause your children to have short term and long term problems.




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