The Three Deadly Traps

talk  As the parents get ready to talk this child thinks one thing….”This is NOT going to be good!”

Many parents simply do not want to talk to their ex.  It’s painful, its hurtful.  It should be no surprise that parents fall into three common traps that lead to unnecessary conflict.

#1. Failure to Listenfailure to listen

Parents become inflexible with one another over the basic issues.  Parents find themselves simply not listening to what their child’s other parent has to say.

#2.  Failure to Filter:offensive language

Parents going through their divorce will take every opportunity to tell each other exactly what is on their mind.  Many parents will make these statements within ear shot of their children


#3. Fight fight fight

Every difference of opinion, every misunderstanding presents the opportunity for a fight.

So do you run to the Courthouse to ask a judge whose right?

expert testifying

Or do you visit with your attorney and mhp to work through your problems?……….

divorce services

What makes better sense?  Will you choose a conflict or team based approach to your divorce.


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