We want you to support Kids Night Out!

When we started creating events for kids the one I liked the best was a “Kids Night Out.”  Basically this is a night where the child gets to go to a particular sporting event or special location.  It is a night out just to be a kid and have a chance to blow a little steam when living through a parents divorce.

As we are about to become a 501c3 it appears to me that we have a tremendous opportunity here.  Our organization can get tickets and we can send them to members nationwide who can ensure that they are getting in the hands of kids in need.  If we can get the parents to take pictures/videos of the kids receiving the tickets/jerseys to go to the event SO MUCH THE BETTER.  Imagine very soon to be part of a national effort, with Kids of Divorce having a KIDS NIGHT OUT.  What a great way to say kids matter and continue with our mission that kids needs come first in resolving divorce disputes.

We want professionals who are involved with divorcing parents to contact us.  We want professionals in Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas and Chicago to join us and become members of Kids First Parents Second, wherever you may be.    Lets send a national message in early 2016 that Kids matter!

Matt Sossi

Executive Director

Kids First Parents Second


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