Will you be Extraordinary?

KFPS wants parents to take our 30 day challenge and be Extraordinary!

We have created a 30 day cease fire initiative for parents who are walking into the fray of apparent divorce conflict.  To divorcing parents we have a question – Can you wait 30 day’s to see the effects of how your divorce is affecting your child. Will you give yourself 30 days to educate yourself on how a high conflict divorce will effect your child and your ability to parent?

The services we are providing during the cease fire initiative are as follows:  1.  We bring the kids involved in the divorce into a class room setting to share thoughts, feelings and concerns, 2.  We educate parents on the effects that a high conflict divorce will have on their ability to raise their children, 3.  We educate parents on the need to learn effective communication skills.

Kids First Parents Seconds mission to motivate parents to look to solutions raised in their divorce in a team based approach. Our program is here to help divorcing parents and help kids ages 5 and up.  We have books, manuals, smart app for kids and parents alike.  What we most want is you, the divorcing parent to make the conscious decision to take our 30 day challenge.  Put your kids first, put conflict second and most important learn to be extraordinary!

Kids First Parents Second is a nonprofit organization located in San Antonio, Texas.  For more information about KFPS visit us at kidsfirstparentsecond.org or contact us directly at mattsossi@bsossi.com.

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