The Missing Link for the Amicus: Kids First Parents Second

logo4I’ve been talking about ways in which we can use a team based approach to help direct parents’ to find ways to resolve their problems. I’ve also been talking about ways in which we can help parents reach agreements and minimize their conflict.  I’ve also been talking about how an amicus can work with mental health professionals to come up with a team based approach to help divorcing parents.

An amicus’ job also requires that they communicate with the children of the divorce.  Amicus’ have reported to me that they have trouble connecting with young kids, preteens and teens.  This is not a surprise.  Kids do not want to talk and do not want to open up.  Getting kids to open up requires skill and technique.

Kids First Parents Second is a kid centered divorce program. All of a sudden kids have a resource, a way to open up and express themselves.  All of a sudden parents have an educational resource, one in which macro and micro approaches to resolving conflict are taught.   All of a sudden the amicus can drive his message to parent’s about how conflict hurts kids.  All of a sudden parents see that the legal system has created an environment that directs parents to resolve their differences.  All of a sudden we’ve created a community for change.

So combine the techniques I’ve been talking about and you have yourself a mechanism for true change at the courthouse.  Again, no ones rediscovering America over here, these resources have been around for decades.  All we’re doing is taking what Texas law allows us to do and create a kid centered program.  For Kids First Parents Second, mission accomplished.

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