A box in, box out approach to helping teenagers in divorce……

A shoe box apparently is a powerful tool to help kids.  We have talked about using the shoe box before as a memory box where kids can keep memories of good times alive, or to keep memories alive for that special family member that was lost.  PBS went one step further….with a box in, box out approach, kids are able to post images of how they want the outside world to perceive them, and an inside box on how they truly feel inside.  The box in box out approach has been used to help kids who suffer from depression.

Why not use this approach to help pre-teens and teens during divorce.  Obviously the same issues are there and obviously the same pain is there.  No one truly wants to know how these kids are feeling are terrified to try and embrace them.  Why not use the box in, box out approach when helping your teenager who is involved in his or her parents divorce?

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