Grandparents – a child’s hero!

Grandparent’s usually find themselves in a difficult situation, not knowing what to do or how to act when their child gets divorced.  Grandparent’s constantly are lost on how they should act and interact with their former son or daughter in law.

Grandparent’s stop for a second and think.

Your grandchild needs a hero.  They need someone with super hearing who gives super advice.  Grandchildren need a hero who can walk into a room and clear the air between their two parents.  Their hero is selfless.  Their hero takes on the role of being the child’s biggest defender.  A child’s hero rescues them from anxiety, sadness and perhaps even depression.  A child’s hero makes sure to take their grandchildren out for ice cream to provide comfort and support.

Your grandchild does not need someone to judge their mom or their dad.  Your grandchild doesn’t need you to say bad things one of their parent’s.  Remember you want to be a super hero, not someone who makes the situation worse than it already is.

Exercising your superpowers places you in a position of power.  You are the voice of reason and you are the one who sets the rules on how parent’s will interact with one another.

At the end of the day your grandchild is able to cope through the divorce because you were there.  Setting an example of how to act ALSO sends a powerful message to one and all.

Brought to you by Kids First Parents Second.

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