Kids First Day – Our Blue Print for your Organization


Mission:  It is KFPS’s intent that a Kids First Day will –

Provide children with needed resources to help cope with their parent’s divorce.

Remove children from the isolation and anxiety that comes with divorce by being involved in group activities.

Allow children to feel that they have the right to express their feelings and emotions

Help parent’s become educated on how children are effected by divorce.

Help divert person’s focus from their status as litigant back to that of parent.

Highlights – Kids First Day

  • Children begin the day walking into the Land of Mommy and Daddy Troubles, surrounded by its images and characters provided to Kids 4 Tomorrow by KFPS.
  • Each children is greeted and provided with a Kids First Sticker, “Awesome Arm bands” Every child will be provided a designated number to be used later in the day for drawings of prizes (sports tickets, KFPS artwork, etc.).
  • Every child is initially invited to post any writings/drawings or other forms of expression to the KFPS wall, and to likewise read and view other children’s postings.
  • Every child is invited to our Kids Project Zone where children are asked to participate in various activities and listen to readings of KFPS kids’ books – Mommy and Daddy Troubles.
  • Parents are invited in the second half of the day to walk through fair with children and view children’s art work and project

Kids Project Zone

  • Children will be invited to create “Memory Boxes” in which the child will be asked to place favorite pictures of their mom and dad. Children will be asked to insert favorite keepsakes or drawings of favorite memories before mom and dad lived in separate homes.  Kids can glitter, color their respective boxes for that unique look.
  • Children will be invited to write messages (perhaps with the help of the instructor) that state their present feelings or present wishes. Messages will be delivered to the “Message in Balloon” Booth for later launching.
  • Children will be invited to color or fill out help sheets provided at the location. Kids every child is invited to attend readings of “Mommy and Daddy Troubles” and engage in group discussion afterwards with the books authors.

Kids First Area

  • Every child is invited to attend a one hour seminar where kids identify and cope with the emotions of divorce through our KFPS Rainbow Manual.
  • Every child is invited to our “I’m Just a Kid” class, where kids understand that they are not messengers, spies or secret agents. I’m just a Kid class teaches kids to say “I’m just a kid” when confronted with an uncomfortable situation or request.
  • Every child is invited to a reading of our books “Mommy and Daddy Troubles” as well as “Little Fruit Phone Home”

Kids Booth Section

Courage Badge Booth:    “What gives you Courage?” Children will be invited to take courage badges and help sheets from our KFPS courage booth and walk over to the KFPS Project Zone.

Emotion Wheel:    Spinning the wheel, kids are able to see where the wheel stops and emotions begin.  Instructors’ are there to help kids identify and handle emotions of sadness, anger and worry.  The emotional wheel mirrors the instructions contained in the KFPS “Rainbow Guide”

Little Fruit Masks:  Choosing anger/sad/happy masks, children at the Kids Fair have the ability to walk and talk like only Little Fruit can!

Message in Balloon:  After writing or drawing their messages/wishes, children at the Kids Fair take them over to the Message in Balloon booth, where they will be inserted into a balloon which will later be inflated and ready for launch.

Coupon Booth:  Children will be able to receive coupons to take home.  Coupons allow kids the ability to have a “Kids Night Out”  “Kids Pass” or “I need a Hug.”

Conclusion of Kids Day

  • Awards, best picture, best memory box
  • Drawing for “Kids Night out” event tickets
  • Every child is presented with a Kids First Parents Certificate to take home.
  • Every child’s picture is to be taken in front of the KFPS wall – every parent is invited to take a picture alongside their child.

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