Kids Project: Making a Memory Box

Every kid going through a divorce should be able to engage in projects to help them cope with the loss of the family life they once knew.

One project we suggest is to create a memory box –

This is what your child will need:

1.  Shoe Box

2.  Glitter (if they like), Markers, crayons, sticker’s,

3.  Pictures of Mom and Dad

4.  Keepsakes from favorite family vacations/favorite gifts

5.  Journal (so they can draw pictures, write a diary, WHATEVER they want it for)

Get a photo album out and let your kids pick their favorite pictures of both mom and dad.  The kids should be able to make a collage with the pictures they found or they can make a short photo album.  Let the child make the box THEIR box so they will cherish it.   Have the kids talk through the pictures and why they chose them.  Have the kids talk about their favorite trips and the keepsakes they got. Make sure your child knows that he or she can keep this box underneath their bed or with their belongings.

This project brought to you by Kids First Parents Second.

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