Informal Settlement Conferences provided by KFPS

You know I”m sitting here and just thinking through how the KFPS program can help attorney’s and client’s here in the San Antonio area.  This is a different concept and many times I am asked, so what’s the benefit?  So as of today I’m adding something new to the KFPS service.  Lets say I get mom and dad in separately and provide education on how they can resolve and reduce disputes.  We get the kids in and do the kids seminars as well.  I then get the two client’s in a room with you attorney’s and we talk through what needs to be talked through.  We get them to focus on the issues at hand and minimize the existing conflict.

I would think reducing conflict would go a long way to streamlining exactly what issues are needing to be presented to the court.  We can come up with strategies of having expert’s involved to help with needed issues as well.

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