Good Riddance Day – What will it take to end conflict?

For those of you not in the know, Good Riddance day is an event in which people post a one word statement on something you are saying goodbye to.  In the traditional sense, people would say good riddance to obesity or anger.  It is simply a brilliant idea.

So we apply this concept to our divorce seminar’s for our parents. Good riddance day will force parents to focus on what they need to get rid of to avoid conflict.

If conflict hurts’ your kids, why are you doing it?  Are you still angry at your ex for the causes of the divorce?  Are you putting your kids in the middle of conflict because of this anger?   What do you need to say good riddance to so you can get your kids out of a high conflict situation.

So Good Riddance day creates an environment that tells parent’s it’s not okay to place their kids in the middle of conflict.   Hey, anything helps right?

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