Kids n Divorce Seminars – Day One

Persistence paid off last week when our doors opened for our first Divorce kids seminar.  It is amazing that hours, days’ and weeks of planning went into offering 4 actual hours of material that provided our kids hope during and after divorce.  It is obvious to us after the seminar that there is a need to structure different activities/interaction for kids from 4-6, 6-10, and 10 plus.  It is equally obvious that the girls are much more clearer on expressing their feelings than the boys.

We were glad that we knew we had to incorporate game play before the sessions began – using the right game was the question. Emotional cards used in a mix and match setting – perfect.  Using the cards as a teaching aid during the seminar to help kids identify and express emotions during the divorce – perfect.  Isolating and talking through different emotions of divorce.  Yup you guessed it, perfect.

The cool thing is our planning held up as thought out. Our kids, aged 4-9 were talking to their parent’s about activities that they wanted to get involved in – and buying journals so they could write and express their feelings for the day.

Success on day one – When does that EVER happen?

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