Children of Divorce get a Monthly Kid’s Pass

One of the worst things for a child can be told is that they can not be with their mom or dad because it’s not the other parent’s visitation day. Most kids will never understand the nuances of what is contained in a visitation schedule.  Restricting access to see a parent will only lead to a child have increased anxiety, anger and resentment.

We are promoting the concept of a “kids pass” so a child can pick a day when he can see mom or dad even when it is not his scheduled time.  Giving the child a “kids pass” puts the child in control of which parent he will be with, even if it’s just for a day/or even a few hours.

Of course the day pass would be something that’s approved by both parents.  Both parents would agree to make a rule that the child could not use the pass as a “get out of jail free” card, if the child was in trouble one day.  The child would understand that a day pass would be something the child would have the right to use only once/twice a month.

Add a “kids pass” to your resource list of things you can do to make your chlid’s life better.  It’s really up to you!

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