Anger in/Anger out!

A new friend of KFPS sent us an email – how are you handling kids, divorce and their anger?  Good question I thought. i had no good answer.

Time to start talking about the deadly emotion anger.

The first question, is it healthy for kids to feel angry?  Sure it is – if you came home one day and found your home turned upside down you’d be angry too.

Keeping one’s anger IN is obviously NOT the best direction to go.  One would say, keeping one’s anger in might just be the one thing kids SHOULD NOT DO, as it is probably the most self destructive decision they can make.

Letting one’s anger OUT is also problematic for these kids.  Physically acting out (kicking a door, etc.) will only land the child in trouble.  Expressing anger is not going to be well received by a parent who is already emotionally overwhelmed.  It is easy to see how many kids find other kids equally angry and get lost or into trouble.

So what do we do?  Lets talk and focus on WHY these kids are ANGRY.   Lets set up divorce groups for kids to get them to collectively share their feelings and get them to create and their MESSAGE.  In addition to expressing feelings, lets provide these kids activities they can turn to and burn off needed steam.

Matt Sossi, KFPS

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