“Because a Little Bug went Ka-Choo!”

Dr. Seuss’s book “Because a Little Bug went Ka-choo!” unravels the chain of events because of a sneeze.   The book creates an environment in which everything is interconnected, and interdependent.

So I’m reading this “Ka-Choo” book and all I can think about is showing this book to our kids at KFPS.  Because mom and dad divorced, what happens? Clearly what happens to the parents after their parent’s divorce effects kids in multiple ways.

So were going to use the “ka-choo” book to help kids create their own book at our workshop, one in which they share their pain, their experience and their fears of divorce.

While a ka-choo can lead to a domino effect, it’s up to parent’s to control the events that lead to life after divorce.  Getting kids to open up and explain their life during divorce should allow parent’s to understand how their actions have profound consequences.

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