KFPS Promotes Our Family Wizard

Children’s ability to adjust to life after divorce is directly linked to their parents ability to minimize conflict.  If children constantly see their parents fighting they will suffer as a result of it. Conversely your children will adjust to life after divorce quicker if they know that their mom and dad are working together and are there for them.

Therapists will tell you that the best approach parents can take to minimize conflict is through cooperative parenting. So what  is is cooperative parenting?  Cooperative parenting is one approach parents can take after their divorce in which parents communicate effectively and focus on their children’s needs.

The million dollar question is how do you interact with someone you chose to divorce?   In that regard Family Wizard answers this question by creating a medium by which parents can communicate without directly interacting with one another either by phone or in person.   Sharing information through cloud technology allows the parents to solely FOCUS on the needs of their children without having the strain of directly interacting with one another.

If parents can successfully stay on course and adopt a child first parent second strategy, they will created an atmosphere in which cooperative parenting can flourish.   It is a learned process, and you will need to learn to listen closely to your lawyer, therapist or parent facilitator.   Good luck!

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