KFPS gets asked to talk about Sex?

I had to tell this story……I would be selfish if I didn’t share.

KFPS was invited on as a guest for one of these Pod cast shows in New York City.  Perfect, I thought, a great way to get the message out about our CHILDREN’S BOOKS.  The individual taking down our information was provided a copy of our CHILD’s BOOK, you know to help kids cope with divorce.  Be patient, we were told, we will get you on the set in a few months.  Okay, this all sounds promising, perhaps we are on to something here.

A few weeks later we are at a speaking engagement in Texas talking about our program.  During the program we talk about the need to provide resources to parent’s during divorce.  I made a side comment that the only resources out there for people dealing with life after divorce are those that talk about relationships and sex.

So onward we go.  Two day’s ago we receive an email from the show saying the segment to help kids was being cancelled. No problem I thought, life goes on.

I then read on, I was invited to talk about love, sex and relationships.  Karma had dealt me a terrible hand.

Now come on!  First off I’m a divorce attorney, there has to be someone better than me to discuss things of this sort.  The land of social media is filled with people much more qualified than I.  I know this because I’m constantly blocking profiles from these individuals.  Then I thought, maybe it was because the fruit we drew in the book had no clothes on – maybe I was sending the wrong message?

At times like this you can get down, sad, whatever.  As for me, I can’t say what I’m thinking, my 2014 resolution was to not swear while typing.  Suffice to say there’s work to be done – can we focus just a little.  Maybe my goal should be getting people to not think about sex, love and relationships for about 10 minutes a day, so they can focus on how their kids are feeling during their divorce.

So to wrap it all up, I guess I could say that I should be glad that there’s always work for me in the love, sex and relationship area. Then again, maybe I should have just put clothes on my Ms. Apple, Mr. Orange and little fruit!

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