KFPS- speaks at texas domestic relations conference

Every child is affected by their parent’s divorce.  Even in the most agreed divorce situations, children are affected.  Kids feel that they caused their parent’s divorce.   Kids feel that they will lose a parent to divorce.  Kids will feel scared about their new surroundings, their new rooms and even their new next door neighbors.  A parent’s divorce is most likely the most traumatic event in a child’s life.

In the short term, children will suffer short term effects during their parent’s divorce.  The children may suffer with anxiety, have trouble forming friendships and have feelings of low self-esteem.

Kids can adapt if their parents are able to cooperate.  If their parents cannot cooperate together the child’s short term problems may turn into long term problems – and we will have kids who are affected into adulthood.

I have yet to meet a parent who does not love their child.  The problem parents face is to how to communicate with their ex about the needs of their child.

At KFPS we help  parent’s change focus from engaging in unnecessary conflict with their ex to addressing the needs of their child.   A child first/ child centered divorce creates an atmosphere where it is not okay to perpetuate conflict.  A child first/child centered divorce creates an atmosphere where both parent’s understand that it is their responsibility to come up an end to day to day disputes.

So in short, conflict hurts kids, get it, got it, good.

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