Intro Speech to Opening of KFPS 10-17-14

Let me read from my book “An Apple and You Married an Orange – An introduction to Cooperative Parenting”

“It is the basic responsibility of a parent to ensure that a child is given shelter, is well fed and lives in a stable environment.  It is the responsibility of a parent to minimize conflict in the child’s life to ensure that the child develops into a health adult member of society.  It is the parent’s job to sacrifice their own personal interest to make sure that the child’s needs are addressed.  A parent’s conflict with their ex should never be superior to addressing the needs of their children.  Children first, parent second.”

I had Judge Casseb stop me one day after he read this book, and the first thing he said was Child first, parent second.  At that point I not only written a book but now had a cause, a direction to develop a program.  Give it up to Judge Casseb to find four words to sum up the entire essence of what it took a year to write.

So what is kids first parents second?  Our program is all about changing focus, changing focus from the way we interact with our ex by focusing on the needs of our children.  The divorce workshop program is separated into helping both parents and their children.

For the children, the workshops provide three important purposes 1.  Help kids identify what divorce means in their life, 2. Help kids express their feelings about the divorce, 3. Help kids obtain coping skills to handle their new life.

For parent’s, KFPS provides resources so parent’s can find ways to interact with their children about the divorce.  KFPS also provides resources to parent’s to minimize conflict with their child’s other parent through our books, newsletters and building network of resources.

We are fortunate that we can build the foundation of our program around the successes of those that came before us. These programs have been developed throughout the United States, from California all the way to Maine.  The research coming from these programs is proof positive that we can reduce conflict and help kids cope.

We have an opportunity here in San Antonio to offer these workshops to one of the largest populations in the United States. We want Bexar County to assume a leadership role in the State of Texas in providing these workshops to families experiencing divorce.

We are excited to offer this program to the people of San Antonio as a way to help minimize custody/divorce conflict.  We are introducing ourselves to the entire State of Texas on October 30th at the DRO conference here in San Antonio.  In November, we are introducing ourselves to the national association of family and conciliation courts where we have received an invite to show our stuff in New Orleans in March of 2015.

Matt Sossi

Becky Sossi

Robin Pittman

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