Using face book in a different way…..

Our latest project over at Kids First Parents Second is to make a book to help kids cope with life when they are removed from their parent’s home’s due to abuse and neglect.  When we ran into budget issues with illustrating the book we came up with the idea of having these kids draw the illustrations for each page.  We then came up with a better idea….creating a facebook page so any child can contribute to the project.

Our facebook page is being created and after we do our legal checks, it’s on!

Things that get on my last nerve…..

Today like any day I walked into the local courthouse.  Just like any other day I went to the computer room to print out motions that needed to be filed for the day.  Waiting in the conferring room were litigants waiting to hear from their lawyers as to how they would handle their family law matters.

So far, so good, I remained in a halfway decent mood moving from the printer to the hallway.  Then, of course, I  heard it.  The magic catch phrase that ticks me off to no end.  “I just want to see the judge.”  There was no thought of talking through her problem, no effort to attempt to reach a solution.  I want to see the judge was the beginning/and ending of the conversation.

First thought, ignorant.  Judge’s are there as a measure of last resort – if you can not resolve your problems.  Does anyone truly believe that a Judge will be there to resolve all of your life’s problems?  There are no smart buttons that exist to ease all your troubles away.

Second thought, lazy.  The thought is there is no need to make an effort to try to resolve conflict – other’s will do it for me.  When in your life will that ever be true?  So sure, create the problem and take no responsibility to resolve your own mess.  Make a an offer, listen, do something!

Third thought, bad parenting.  Kids look to parent’s for direction.  When parent’s divorce, the one thing kids fear is extended conflict.  So this mom gives her kid no way out – just an expectation that there is some stranger dictating their fate.

Guess what, we have exes – at least most of us do.  Many of us don’t like our ex’s  – so what.  Our job as parent’s is to try and keep conflict at a minimum.  Get it, got it, good!

A special thanks to Jean Tracy, MSS – Author of Character Building: Divorce Stories and Strategies

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Divorce Story Helps Kids September 18, 2014
Mommy and Daddy Troubles is a solid story about divorce and its impact on kids. This books helps children understand how mommy and daddy are as different as apples and oranges and how their differences led to the divorce. It’s especially good for kids whose parents put them first by their efforts to get along throughout the divorce and after.

I highly recommend it for young kids suffering from their parents divorce. It will help them deal with their experiences.

Jean Tracy, MSS
Author of – Character Building: Divorce Stories and Strategies to Help Your Child Heal

We have a review! – Mommy Daddy Troubles

mommy and daddy troubles book

Breaking the news about a divorce to one’s children can be one of the most difficult parts of an already stressful situation. On top of that, kids often have a way of feeling like they are the ones to blame for a divorce.

This was on the minds of Rebecca and Matt Sossi when they created the series of books, resource and website devoted to putting the focus back on kids during and after divorce.

Titled “Kids First Parents Second,” the website features a kids’ activities, products available for purchase, workshops and a section for parents.

In one of the books for kids, “Mommy and Daddy Troubles,” a child’s parents splitting up is explained by their differences. Using fruit as an analogy, the little seedling’s mom is an orange, while the dad is an apple, and their differences are what lead to the divorce.

The book does a good job of showing what can happen after a divorce, explains that young seedlings still get to spend time with both parents and reinforces the idea that both parents still love their children very much.

NOTE: DadsDivorce will hold a book giveaway for one copy of “Mommy and Daddy Troubles” by Rebecca and Matt Sossi. All entries should be sent to by Monday, August 25, 2014 at 12 pm Central Time. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced the following day on Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

Read a short excerpt from “Mommy and Daddy Troubles” below.

“But apples and oranges just don’t mix and things didn’t work out as planned.

It’s not your parents fault, one’s an apple and the other is an orange.

Your mom and dad tried their best, but apples and oranges don’t always get along.

So Mommy lives in her house.

And Daddy lives in his house.

The great thing is that you always have your mom!

And you always have your dad!”