What would your child want from the Great Oz?

We all remember the Wizard of Oz and the scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion. These main characters all looked forward for the day when they would go in front of the Great Oz and be given things they were missing in their life.  For the Scarecrow, he went before the Great Oz to obtain a brain, For the Tin man, a heart, and for the Cowardly lion, courage.  The three characters thought they were lost until they were given these gifts.

In reading the story, we knew these main characters were not lacking or in need of the things they sought.  We all know that the scare crow had a brain all through out the story.  The scarecrow figured out how his friends would get out of danger.  The scare crow walked, talked and danced and tall the way along the yellow brick road with Dorothy and the gang, all things that require a fine functioning brain.  The tin man likewise had soul and had heart well before meeting the Great Oz. The cowardly lion figured out well before meeting the Great Oz how to overcome his fears and be the bravest of them all.

Kids of divorce will feel that they are missing something in their life.  For some, it will be how to be brave, for other’s it will be how to not feel lost.  All of these children will need to figure out how to handle their new surroundings, their new environment.  These children will not know, just like our characters in the Wizard of Oz, that they have skills and tools necessary to survive and cope with their parents’ divorce.

So use the Wizard of Oz as a way to discuss divorce at your kids workshops.  Help them understand that they are not lost, and that they have the necessary tools/skills to handle the life ahead.  


Matt Sossi




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