Understand your strengths and shortcomings: Excerpt from A-Z Guide to Cooperative Parenting

Understand your shortcomings and strengths, be objective, if you need help on an issue, talk to a friend, a parent, or contact your attorney or the therapist you choose to do cooperative parenting.

It takes two to tango, and it takes two people to create a dispute.  The question you have to answer is why are you involved in your dispute to begin with?  IS there a reason why you wish to continue to be in conflict?

The way we look at things from time to time can be, simply put, wrong.  We overreact to things we see and become angry over things we shouldn’t.  There are conflicts that we find ourselves involved in which are created more because you simply want to be right than proven wrong.

You may have created conflict needlessly.  You may not have communicated correctly with your ex or said something that started the dispute.  Looking back in time you realize that emotions got the better of you OR that you just cannot talk to your ex at all about anything.

So the question is what do you do?  Obviously if you doubt your position, ask someone you trust what they think.  Contact an attorney about the situation, see what they recommend.  If communication is the issue behind your conflict, contact a therapist who handles cooperative parenting techniques and see how they can help you.

 Learning communication techniques means that you work on your weaknesses and your strengths.  Remember to be objective with the manner and means by which you interact with your ex.  Write down the events that have led to conflict, identify the issues that caused the conflict, and determine if you could have used alternative approaches to resolve the issues before you to avoid future problems.


Matt Sossi @kidsfirstparentssecond.org





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