Judge your actions objectively – Excerpt from the A-Z guide to Cooperative Parenting

Judge your individual actions with objectivity – use a mirror if need be to evaluate your actions.

A mirror is the best instrument in the world that you can use to look at your appearance. A mirror at times shows things about you that you would not rather see.  In times when you are in conflict with your ex, remember to get the mirror out and look at yourself and your actions closely. 

Look back at emails you send to your ex and you will have a picture of the tone you consistently use when speaking with your ex.  Looking at the language you used may just horrify or embarrass you. 

The reason why you want to audit your performance, so to speak, is to evaluate how you are communicating with your ex.  If you find that the tone of your emails is negative, don’t be surprised that your level of conflict with your ex is high.  Change how you are interacting and you should have a better result in how you communicate and resolve conflict.

Remember that effective communication skills is something that must be learned between yourself and your ex.  Effective communication will require patience and much reflection.  Focusing on the needs of your child will be the best way to keep the lines of communication open and productive.


Matt Sossi #cooperativeparenting 

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