It is time to tell the tale of two fruits – “Mommy Daddy Troubles” – Trophy Publishing (copyrighted 2014)

Parents, it is time to tell the tale of an apple, an orange and one little fruit.

One day a long time ago, ok not that long ago Mr. Albert McIntosh met Ms. Ida Valencia. When the couple falls in love they decide to marry and have a child. When their child little fruit is born, it is the best day of Albert and Ida’s life. Unfortunately, neither one knew that Albert was an apple and Ida an orange. As apple and oranges don’t mix little fruit found that he must now live his life without having both of his parents at home.

Little fruit understands that it is not his fault that his parents are not together, some fruits are just not meant to match. 

Little fruit finds his world turned upside down, he is sad, mad and worried about how he fits into his new environment.

Little fruit’s parent’s tell him a few important things at this moment.  Number one, little fruit will continue to have both Albert and Ida in his life.  Number two, little fruit was not the reason why his parent’s divorced.

Little fruit discovers that his parent’s have created a plan of action for him. Albert and Ida agree to work together to make sure little fruit’s needs are being met.   Albert and Ida also make sure that each will play an important part of his life.  Little fruit focuses on what he must do to adjust to life after his parent’s separated.  It is up to Albert and Ida, of course, to handle the rest.

With the help of some power ups little fruit is able to successfully combat fear and anxiety.  Little fruit, through his courage badge finds that his bedroom at Dad’s is not scary at all, but is packed full of toys. Little fruit, through his to do sheet, lists out those things that he still gets to do even after his parent’s divorce. 

Little fruit learns that through his parent’s love and cooperation that life will continue on. …………………. With that concludes our first book “Mommy Daddy Troubles”

Be on the lookout for our next work “Little Fruit Call Home” in which little fruit learns the importance of asking questions and talking through his feelings. The little fruit series is intended to help kids cope with the effects of their parent’s divorce.

Our mission is intended to create resources (see our kids workshop at to help kids interact and voice their concerns and feelings during and after their parents divorce. Matt and Becky Sossi * Mommy Daddy troubles is currently on sale at KidsFirstParentsSecond.Org

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