Kids First Parents Second – Kids Workshop

Kids First Parents Second - Kids Workshop

A child in the middle of divorce is for all tense and purposes, lost. What a child does not get to do is to VOICE their opinion or SHARE their feelings. Children during the divorce process can become ALIENATED or DEPRESSED.
To help children cope we at KidsFirstParentsSecond created a Kids Work Shop. Here it is okay for children to ask a QUESTION about what is bothering them about the divorce process. Here it is okay for children to say STOP and ask that their parent’s to stop fighting and putting them in the middle of conflict.
We also want children to tell us what they would change so their lives would be better during the divorce process. We want these children to be able to COPE, and feel like willing participants in a complicated situation. Parent’s will be better suited to resolving their custody/visitation conflicts if they can focus on their children’s true wants and needs.

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