Texas Family Law: I want 50-50 rights to my child, is this possible?

Texas Family Law:   I want 50-50 rights to my child, is this possible?

Texas presumes that both parent’s are joint managing conservator’s. Joint Managing Conservator’s are given equal independent rights to the child, with a few minor exceptions. Parent’s who want 50-50 normally refer to their visitation schedules, and not their actual legal rights over their child.
Court’s normally are reluctant to afford parties equal periods of time with their children, as court’s traditionally view the split schedule to not be in the best interest of the child. What can not be achieved in court, can be agreed to in mediation however. The best way to achieve a 50-50 schedule is to understand a few things: 1. You are entitled (subject to a few exceptions) to a extended standard possession order, 2. an extended standard possession order provides you with approximately 40% access your child, 3. With 356 days in the calendar year,you would need to find out how to add 35 days worth of access (10% of the calendar year) to move you from 40% to 50%, 4. if you add 14 day’s to your summer period of time (which usually is agreed to) you just need how to add a few more day’s each month to achieve equal (or close to equal) possession periods. http://www.sossilaw.com

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