Kids First Parents Second – Kids Workshop

Kids First Parents Second - Kids Workshop

A child in the middle of divorce is for all tense and purposes, lost. What a child does not get to do is to VOICE their opinion or SHARE their feelings. Children during the divorce process can become ALIENATED or DEPRESSED.
To help children cope we at KidsFirstParentsSecond created a Kids Work Shop. Here it is okay for children to ask a QUESTION about what is bothering them about the divorce process. Here it is okay for children to say STOP and ask that their parent’s to stop fighting and putting them in the middle of conflict.
We also want children to tell us what they would change so their lives would be better during the divorce process. We want these children to be able to COPE, and feel like willing participants in a complicated situation. Parent’s will be better suited to resolving their custody/visitation conflicts if they can focus on their children’s true wants and needs.

We take fruit to a new level in KidsFIrst,Parents Second.Org.

We take fruit to a new level in our Apple and Orange series. In targeting written material for parents, I bring my years of experience as a family law attorney of twenty one years to provide helpful techniques which reduce conflict between ex’s. For children, Becky and I have written have published books so kids can learn coping techniques to get through a difficult situation.
We bring our parent’s books and kids books together under one website – KidsFirstParentsSecond.Org. because divorce effects everyone in the family. It is for that reason that children are able to print out a certificate, place it in their room and declare that they live in a “KidsFIrstParentsSecond” home.  It is my hope that the website empowers children in the process so they will feel less alienated and lost during their parents divorce.
The website provides a kids’ workshop, which provides several activities we created for their use. For parent’s I created a link to a Cooperative Parenting Magazine, where parent’s can look over 100 articles on topics including cooperative parenting and divorce.   The parents’ will have access to purchase both books for themselves as well as their children.

Kids suffer in the short and long term when their parent’s continually fight and show animosity towards one another.  The mission statement of Kids First Parents Second is to get parent’s to FOCUS on the needs of their kids and begin to look at their ex as their child’s other parent.

Link to Family Wizard Blog: Matt Sossi

Cooperative parenting DOES NOT mean that you and your ex have to be friends, go to lunch together or take long walks on the beach. Cooperative parenting means that you and your ex FOCUS on the needs of your children. Cooperative parenting STARTS when parents effectively share information about your kids.  Cooperative parenting WORKS when parents’ FOCUS on the needs of your children. Cooperative Parenting is SUCCESSFUL when people start seeing their ex as their child’s other parent.

Texas Family Law: Payment Options for Child Support Payments

The Attorney General has provided custodial parents with options to receive their child support payments. The following link will take you to the OAG publication to explain how child support payments can be deposited directly into their bank account.