Discovery set: Request for Disclosure

Concerning discovery requests In Texas Family Law cases: What are Request for Disclosure(s)?

Discovery sets in Texas typically consist of Request for Disclosure, Interrogatories, Request for Production and Request for Admissions. Responses to Request for Disclosure’s are to be prepared and returned 30 day’s from the date it is received by your attorney. Typically in family law cases, a request for disclosure will first ask to state your correct name, and if there are any potential parties to the suit. More importantly, the request for disclosure will ask you to DISCLOSE the identity of person’s who have knowledge of relevant facts, their addresses and phone numbers. The request for disclosure will also ask you to DISCLOSE any expert’s you have retained and are expected to testify in your case. Prepare your responses to the request for disclosure in a timely manner and then send it to your client as quickly as possible to make sure they can meet the 30 day discovery deadline.

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